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Breathe Easy and Thrive: Get Your FREE Breathwork
Mastery Guide Now

Take a deep breath, and get your free 8-minute mindful breath audio to calm your busy mind and connect within.

Breathe Easy and Thrive: Get Your FREE Breathwork

Mastery Guide Now

Take a deep breath, get your free 8 minute mindful breath audio to calm your busy mind and connect within.

About Us

Hi, we’re Cory & Jess

We’re so happy you’ve landed here! We’re founders of RESET Breathwork, Breathwork teacher trainers, spiritual business mentors, speakers, midwesterners at heart, vegan dessert lovers, and wellness junkies. We’re known as the go-to secret weapon for go-getters and leaders to heal from the inside out and unlock more freedom, abundance, and confidence in their lives and businesses. We’re the bridge between science and spirituality, masculine and feminine, and practical and energetic. You can count on us for a no B.S. approach to personal growth, to guide you to the deepest depths while also having fun, and to empower you to take real action and radically transform. When we leave this world, we’re committed to saying we did it all. After going from sleeping in our car to owning a multiple six-figure business in just a few short years, we’re here to show spiritual entrepreneurs that it’s possible to create a massive impact, make good money doing what you love, have the dream partnership, and enjoy the ride (because otherwise, what’s the point?!)

Our Mission

We’re here on this planet to empower epic leaders like you to tap even deeper into your power and unlock true freedom from within.

We know exactly how it feels to be an overachiever who feels stuck or has reached burnout, and it doesn’t have to be this way. This is why we love to help others reset from daily grind, breathe, and gain clarity, so you can reach your next level of success with greater ease.

As The Healing Couple, we have supported thousands of entrepreneurs and go-getters across the globe through our events, group programs, and coaching.

We also train others to become RESET Breathwork facilitators through our certification program. We believe that together, we can heal the world, and it starts with your breath.


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Amanda M
Amanda MIntuitive coach for CEOs & celebs
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Cory and Jessica are the real deal! They are truly here to change the world and are powerful healers. I've experienced their light through a breathwork class, and would highly recommend it for anyone whose ready to truly make changes in their lives!
Ali B
Ali B Founder of Oat Haus
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I cannot express how incredible Cory + Jess are... I had heard the term breathwork through my little experience with yoga, and assumed it was just a breathing class... WOW, I was blown away. I had a deeper sense of connection and clarity to myself than ever before. "Maybe a fluke?" I thought.
Sarah H
Sarah H Life Coach + RESET Breathwork Facilitator
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Watching Jess and Cory run their business and be super in integrity with what they're speaking is just really freaking aligning for me. They are an embodiment of everything that they teach and their passion shines through. From the first time I ever did Breathwork with them, I could FEEL through the screen how much they care about everybody they work with.
Jessica B
Jessica BCo-Founder of Media Unscripted & Host of Unscripted The Podcast
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here are truly no words strong enough for me to express my love for The Healing Couple… the sessions I had with them were life changing. I was able to release so much anger, stress, and anxiety I had been holding onto for far too long. And really tap into what I was truly searching for (which turns out was PEACE).
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Together we can heal the world and it starts with your breath.