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Welcome to The Healing Couple, where transformation begins with your breath. Discover our story, mission, and values as we guide you on your path to healing and success

Hi, we’re Cory & Jess

You can count on us for a down-to-earth approach to personal growth, to go to the deepest depths while also having fun, and to guide you to real action and transformation.

We’re founders of RESET Breathwork, Breathwork teacher trainers, spiritual business mentors, speakers, midwesterners at heart, vegan dessert lovers, and bio-hacking and wellness junkies.

We’re known as the go-to secret weapon for leaders to heal from the inside out and unlock more freedom, abundance, and confidence. We’re here to help you take your life, impact, and business to the next level while also enjoying the ride (because otherwise, what’s the point?!).

We’re the bridge between science and spirituality, masculine and feminine, and practical and energetic. You can count on us for down-to-earth approach to personal growth, to go to the deepest depths while also having fun, and to guide you to real action and transformation.

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Cory +Jess

We know exactly how it feels

to be an overachiever that feels stuck or has reached burnout, and it doesn’t have to be this way. This is why we love to help others reset from their daily grind, breathe, and gain clarity, so you can reach your next level of success with greater ease.

As The Healing Couple, we have supported thousands of entrepreneurs and go-getters across the globe through our events, group programs, and coaching.
We also train others to become RESET Breathwork facilitators through our certification program. We believe that together, we can heal the world, and it starts with your breath.
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Get to know our story

Dr. Cory & Jessica met
Dr. Cory was a physician running his clinic in Scottsdale, AZ. Jessica was working remotely for a thought leader at a startup in NYC. After an unexpected connection through a mutual friend and cousin, we knew we were meant for so much more together, which sparked off an 8-month long distance relationship. This was the day Dr. Cory opened his clinic and asked Jessica to be his girlfriend.
Fast forward we realized after 20 years
Of combined experience in health and wellness, we had so much to offer to our community in San Diego. This set off our first workshop selling out and being such a hit our community wanted more, so with a blank sheet of paper, we started collecting names and emails. Not realizing there was so much more to come.
Sleeping in our car to make ends meet
It wasn't all a fairy tale. There were some rainy moments too. For a stretch we slept in our car to rent out our place on AirBnB on the weekends to make ends meet, this was a picture of us catching some beach time to get our mind off the stress of it all. Despite this low point, we knew it was all for a reason. We kept facilitating epic groups and experiences across the United States, knowing we were exactly where we needed to be.
We decided to come together
On June 1st, 2020 we decided to come together as The Healing Couple and go full-time into the business together. Dr. Cory leaves behind his career as a Naturopathic Physician and Jessica as a self-love coach.
Fast forward 4 years later
We now own a multiple-six-figure business, are founders of The RESET Breathwork Method™, and lead International Retreats, Workshops, Teacher Trainings, and Business Mentorships. We live the dream life and lead others to do that as well.

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If you’re interested in bringing the power of Breathwork to your event, workplace, or program, our in-person and online experiences range from 60-minute to multi-day workshops.

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Together we can heal the world and it starts with your breath.